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Election Information

compiled by Dee Nollner for the Shelby County Republican Women's Club

Shelby County Election Commission is one of the most important and least understood government organizations in the county. Their name may contribute to misunderstanding – it is a state governed body even though the name indicates Shelby County. Funding comes through the county; however they are not chartered by the county (or city) but rather the state created election commissions and election commissions operate under TN state law!


Their mission reflects their role:

To administer all public elections in ShelbyCounty, TN 
in accordance with applicable laws."

Lending to the confusion, they are not a legislative or investigative body. They must abide by the laws of the state of TN. Their role is to confirm whether or not state requirements are met regarding elections. The State Legislature institutes laws. Questions of election law are interpreted by the State Coordinator.

To vote in Tennessee after January 1, 2012 you will need a government Photo ID. Most of you already meet that requirement with a TN driver’s license or a Passport. Another form of acceptable Photo ID would be a State, Military or Federal Government Photo ID. Neither county government nor school Photo ID’s are acceptable Photo ID for voting in Tennessee.

Indigent voters who are already registered to vote may obtain a no-cost, voting-only-Photo-ID from the TN Dept of Safety 3200 E. Shelby Dr.  call 543-7920 for details. Documentation including your voter registration card and identification is required.
A regular state ID is available for $8.

Remember one must be a citizen of the U.S  to register to vote and ID must reflect the correct name and address.

Elections Update from Dee Nollner

Voting Notes...
      If you have moved since you last voted, update your address now! If you are new in the county, the registration deadline is 30 days before November 8. Early Voting is October 19th through November 3rd in all the usual locations. Hours are 10:00-7:00 weekdays and 10:00-4:00 Saturdays with one exception: Saturday Oct 29 hours are 8:00 -4:00.
      There will likely be a heavy turnout for the November 8 election. Know what your ballot will look like before you go to vote. Sample ballots are published in newspapers, available on shelbyvote.com and will be posted on the walls of polling sites. Prepare yourself before you stand in front of a voting machine.
If you live in Memphis you will find a referendum on your ballot. It is related to payments in lieu of taxes by MLGW to the city of Memphis. Familiarize yourself before you go vote! You will have ample pro and con sources of information. Voters need to prepare for voting just like you
prepared for school exams. Study the subject. Know your candidates and issues before going to the polls.
      This is a General Election. Every ballot will have Presidential candidates, U.S. and state Representative candidates. Know your state districts. Unincorporated Shelby residents will have a Wine-in-Grocery Store referendum.
      Only residents of the municipalities vote in the following elections:
Collierville has a contested Mayoral election. There are no contested positions in the Bartlett elections. Germantown citizens will elect three contested school board members, and two contested alderman positions. Millington will elect a mayor, 5 contested aldermen positions, and 2 contested school board positions.

main number for Shelby County Election Commission is: 222-1200
absentee: 222-6800
Gop recruiter: 222-6830
Registration: 222-1206





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2018 Officers

President: Arla Pribnow
First VP: Linda Casebier
Second VP: Charlotte Bergmann
Third VP: Marydeb Bleau
Recording Secretary:
  Donna Howard
Corresponding Secretary:    
  Lyn Windsor
Treasurer: Bonnie Siler
Assistant Treasurer:
   Pat Allmond

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